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  • South Africa

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Are you a student who is good at writing blog posts, loves researching different topics, giving advice to fellow students, and keen to build your portfolio? We are looking for passionate individuals to write articles answering questions such as

  • The impact of online courses on mental health or students
  • Here is a list of online courses in high demand
  • Can online courses replace campus education?

The posts need to be relatable to students and helpful either as advice on how to do well in their studies or to showcase what the IQmates platform has to offer (IQmates hosts revision resources in the form of tutorial videos and over 20 000 practice questions in courses such as Microeconomics, Accounting, Marketing, Calculus, Physics, and Human Anatomy)

The expectation for this gig is for 1 article per week (4 a month) from each successful applicant at the payment rate listed per article.

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