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User Tester Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) This Non-Disclosure Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into between IQmates, hereinafter referred to as the “Disclosing Party,”... Jun 26, 2023
3 mins to read
That dreaded interview question: What are some of your weaknesses?

You’re in the middle of a job interview, and the hiring manager is asking you about your weaknesses. What do... Jan 3, 2023
6 mins to read
21 Job Interview Tips: How To Make a Great Impression

Congratulations on getting a job interview! This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but with some preparation and practice, you... Sep 4, 2022
4 mins to read
Email Example: How To Respond to Employer Interview Requests

Subject: Interview request – [Your Name] Dear [Employer], Thank you for considering me for the [Position] role at [Company]. I... Aug 4, 2022
1 min to read
15 Important Tips: How To Write Organized Resume

Your resume is an important tool for conveying your skills and experience to potential employers. A well-organized resume will make... Jun 4, 2022
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